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8/8/2018 Michael Light Good From Bad (Listen)
8/7/2018 Michael Light Lessons From Lot's Wife (Listen)
8/6/2018 Michael Light The Bible And The Home (Listen)
8/5/2018 Michael Light Jesus: Master Of All Things (Listen)
8/5/2018 Michael Light When Obedience Is Hard (Listen)
8/5/2018 Michael Light Daniel: An Example Of Commitment (Listen)
7/29/2018 Joey Davis When You Stand on Holy Ground (Listen)
7/29/2018 Joey Davis Proverbs For a Better Marriage (Listen)
7/25/2018 Jason Edwards Christion Influence of Christ and the Bible (Listen)
7/22/2018 Joey Davis Faith vs the Sinking Ship Syndrome Mark 4:35-41 (Listen)

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