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10/6/2019 Joey Davis Lesssons from the model prayer - Luke 11:1-4 (Listen)
9/22/2019 Joey Davis A Proven Formula For Human Development - Luke 2:52 (Listen)
9/22/2019 Joey Davis From the Courts to the Cross - Luke 23 (Listen)
9/8/2019 Joey Davis The Last Supper and the Lord's Supper (Luke 22:1-34) (Listen)
9/8/2019 Joey Davis Luke 22:35-71 (Listen)
9/1/2019 Joey Davis Why is Jesus the Only Authority in Religion? (Listen)
9/1/2019 Joey Davis Some of Jesus Last and Great Sermons - Luke 21 (Listen)
8/25/2019 Joey Davis Education Is Essential (Listen)
8/25/2019 Joey Davis Luke 19 (Listen)
8/11/2019 Joey Davis The Authority of the Eldership (Listen)

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