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10/22/2017 Joey Davis The Convicting Work of the Holy Spirit (Listen)
10/15/2017 Joey Davis Our God is in Heaven - Psalm 115:1-7 (Listen)
10/15/2017 Joey Davis Let's Go Forward Back to the Bible (Listen)
10/8/2017 Visiting Preacher Unity and Love of the Brethren - Caleb Rutherford (Listen)
10/8/2017 Joey Davis Dealing with Dangerous Religious Influences (Deut 13) (Listen)
10/1/2017 Joey Davis Three Recommendations For New Parents (Listen)
10/1/2017 Visiting Preacher Marry a Christian - Michael Wyatt (Listen)
9/24/2017 Joey Davis That's What You Get for Repenting (Psa 51) (Listen)
9/24/2017 Joey Davis Coping with the Reality of Wayward Family Members (Listen)
9/17/2017 Joey Davis What Are The Vital Signs Of A Thriving Church (Listen)

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