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1/14/2018 Joey Davis Soul and Spirit - What's the Difference (Listen)
1/7/2018 Joey Davis Fine Tuning Our Prayers (Listen)
1/7/2018 Joey Davis Avoiding Extremes in Judging (Listen)
12/10/2017 Joey Davis Dealing with Discouragement in Life (Listen)
12/10/2017 Joey Davis Patience with People (Listen)
12/3/2017 Joey Davis The Generosity of Christian Giving 2 Cor 9:5-11 (Listen)
11/26/2017 Joey Davis The Value of the Soul (Listen)
11/26/2017 Joey Davis Your Marriage Can Be Great (Listen)
11/19/2017 Joey Davis Veterans of Faith: Same Battles Different Battlefields (Listen)
11/19/2017 Joey Davis Modern Science and the Bible (Listen)

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