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6/20/2018 Roger Grady Christian Influence - In the Local Church (Listen)
6/17/2018 Joey Davis Setting Things in Order for a Study of Titus (Listen)
6/17/2018 Joey Davis Hosea 10 - A Trained Heifer Headed For The Yoke (Listen)
6/13/2018 Stephen Haschke Christian Influence - In the Community (Listen)
6/10/2018 Joey Davis The Gift of the Holy Spirit Acts 2:38 (Listen)
6/10/2018 Joey Davis Hosea 9 - Do Not Rejoice O Israel (Listen)
6/6/2018 Eric Richardson Christian Influence - In the Work Place (Listen)
6/3/2018 Joey Davis Hosea 8 - My God, We Know You (Listen)
6/3/2018 Visiting Preacher Heaven - Caleb Rutherford (Listen)
5/30/2018 Jason Brewton Christian Influence - Epistles of Christ (Listen)

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