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7/29/2018 Joey Davis Proverbs For a Better Marriage (Listen)
7/25/2018 Jason Edwards Christion Influence of Christ and the Bible (Listen)
7/22/2018 Joey Davis Faith vs the Sinking Ship Syndrome Mark 4:35-41 (Listen)
7/22/2018 Joey Davis Those Who Labor Among Us (Listen)
7/18/2018 Jay Browne Christian Influence - After You Are Gone (Listen)
7/15/2018 Joey Davis Good Works and the Lacking Congregation - Titus 3 (Listen)
7/15/2018 Joey Davis Hosea 14 (Listen)
7/11/2018 Sam English Christian Influence - To Strengthen (Listen)
7/8/2018 Joey Davis Sound Doctrine - Titus 2 (Listen)
7/8/2018 Joey Davis Hosea 13 - I gave you a king - I took your king (Listen)

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