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12/9/2018 Joey Davis Do I have a heart for the word of God? (Nehemiah 8:1-16) (Listen)
12/9/2018 Joey Davis Practicing the presence of God (Listen)
12/2/2018 Joey Davis Casting All Your Care on Him - 1Pet 5:5-7 (Listen)
12/2/2018 Joey Davis Great Lessons From Small Things (Listen)
11/18/2018 Joey Davis Convicted or Conflicted? (Listen)
11/18/2018 Joey Davis Bridle Fit for the Christian Tongue (Listen)
11/11/2018 Joey Davis The Tomb of the Unknown Spiritual Soldier (Listen)
11/4/2018 Joey Davis A Semon on a Sermon Acts 13:17-41 (Listen)
11/4/2018 Joey Davis Restoring Bible Repentence (Listen)
10/28/2018 Jon Williams How Christians Can Effectively Discuss Race (Listen)

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