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8/27/2017 Joey Davis Fulfill Your Ministry 2 Tim 4:5-8 (Listen)
8/27/2017 Joey Davis It is Easy to Spread It (Listen)
8/20/2017 Jon Williams Severity of Sin (Listen)
8/20/2017 Jon Williams Return of Christ (Listen)
8/13/2017 Joey Davis That's So Cliche (Listen)
8/13/2017 Joey Davis Observations From the Temptation of Jesus (Listen)
8/9/2017 Visiting Preacher This World Is Not My Home (Listen)
8/8/2017 Visiting Preacher There Is Power In The Blood (Listen)
8/7/2017 Visiting Preacher Our God He Is Alive (Listen)
8/6/2017 Visiting Preacher Give Me The Bible (Listen)

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