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10/3/2018 Jay Browne Overcoming Discontent (Listen)
9/30/2018 Joey Davis Blessed are the Merciful (Listen)
9/26/2018 Visiting Preacher Overcoming Harsh Judgements and Faultfinding (Listen)
9/23/2018 Joey Davis What Makes the Church Grow - Love for the Family of God (Listen)
9/23/2018 Joey Davis Beatitudes - Hunger and Thirst for Righteousness (Listen)
9/19/2018 Visiting Preacher Overcoming Ingratitude and Selfishness (Listen)
9/16/2018 Joey Davis What makes the church grow? Love for the lost (Listen)
9/16/2018 Joey Davis Beatitudes: Blessed are the meek (Listen)
9/9/2018 Joey Davis What makes the church grow? Christian Optimism (Listen)
9/9/2018 Joey Davis Beatitudes - Blessed are those who mourn (Listen)

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