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1/19/2020 Joey Davis A Sermon from the Song of Songs (Listen)
1/12/2020 Joey Davis Spiritual Development: Moving Beyond an unknown God (Acts 17) (Listen)
1/12/2020 Joey Davis One Is The Lonliest Number (Ecclesiastes 4) (Listen)
1/5/2020 Joey Davis Spiritual Development - Absolute Divine Authority (Listen)
1/5/2020 Joey Davis Four Pictures of a Christian (Listen)
12/29/2019 Joey Davis Renewing our commitment to the education program (Listen)
12/29/2019 Joey Davis What do we do while we wait on Jesus? (Listen)
12/22/2019 Visiting Preacher Spiritual Famine - Caleb Rutherford (Listen)
12/22/2019 Joey Davis When doing right feels like doing wrong (Listen)
12/15/2019 Joey Davis Caleb - A model for Christians (Joshua 14) (Listen)

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