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3/15/2020 Joey Davis A Glimpse of the Glorious Gospel - EHT NT Book by Book Lesson 2 (Listen)
3/8/2020 Joey Davis The Feeling of Forgiveness - Luke 7 (Listen)
3/8/2020 Joey Davis Salesmanship and the Gospel (Listen)
3/1/2020 Joey Davis The Secret To Living Is Bearing Fruit (Listen)
2/23/2020 Joey Davis Gods Eternal Plan for the Redemption of Man (Eph. 1:3-14) (Listen)
2/23/2020 Joey Davis Spiritual Development in the Family (Listen)
2/16/2020 Joey Davis Learning to love people the way God loves people (Listen)
2/9/2020 Joey Davis The Eldership - The Blessings and Curses (Listen)
2/9/2020 Joey Davis Decision Making - The Morality of It (Genesis 39) (Listen)
1/19/2020 Joey Davis Spiritual Development - Cultivating Commitment (Listen)

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