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5/27/2018 Visiting Preacher Deuteronomy and The Gospel (Listen)
5/23/2018 Sean Tipton Christian Influence - A Kingdom Like Leaven (Listen)
5/20/2018 Joey Davis Will You Stand Up for Truth: Regarding Worship (Listen)
5/20/2018 Joey Davis Hosea 7 - Israel's Decline - The Politics Of It (Listen)
5/16/2018 Adam Copeland Christian Influence - Light of the World (Listen)
5/13/2018 Joey Davis Are You a Christian by Generation or Regeneration? (Listen)
5/13/2018 Joey Davis Hosea 6 - The Absence of Repentence (Listen)
5/9/2018 Chandler Smith Influence - You Have It (Listen)
5/6/2018 Jay Browne A Way to Escape (Listen)
5/6/2018 Joey Davis Will You Stand Up for Truth: the Gospel Invitation (Listen)

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